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Areas of Practice

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We are committed to providing value to our clients and approaching their matters with care. We understand that legal problems affecting your personal finances or business can be sensitive. You can trust that we will handle the details of your case with respect and discretion and feel confident and comfortable trusting us with the legal transactions that affect your personal life, and business investments.

It has been our experience that the most successful businesses, and owners of businesses and other assets, are those who think and plan, and seek assistance from experienced professionals to stimulate or verify their thinking and planning. If you feel that we might be of assistance to help you in identifying and dealing with such issues, it would be our pleasure to assist you in any way we can.

Our practice is primarily involved in business planning and management, wills, probates, estate planning, alternative dispute resolution and real estate. Our clients include business owners, individuals, and families, including farm owners throughout the region in legal planning and transactions involving:

Business Formation

We have assisted in forming many entities, but our true value for business clients is our educational approach to advisement. Starting a business is an exciting venture, but also one carrying great risk of loss.

Business Succession

Business succession is the planned transition of an operating entity, either through an internal management team, multi-generational owners, multi-owner groups or external parties interested in acquiring an ongoing business.

Business & Farm Advisement

Our team is well versed in business planning and advisement, each having their own prior experience in government and various businesses including finance, accounting, consulting, retail, industrial, construction, agriculture, and various entrepreneurial ventures.

Estate Planning

Whether you’re considering drafting a basic estate plan (Will, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directive) or you desire a more advance planning tool like a trust, we can advise you on the benefits associated with each option.

Human Resources

We regularly advise employers about their rights and responsibilities regarding employee issues.

Employment Law

Employment law can be very complex and complicated. At Dorothy & Krause Law Firm, we regularly counsel employers on matters involving state and federal employment laws as well as performance matters, hiring and termination, unemployment, discrimination and harassment.

Employment Compliance

With an understanding of where you are as an organization, we can assist in putting together best legal practices and employment policies that align with your business goals, including FMLA records/procedures, hiring and firing protocol, performance evaluation programs, ADA compliance, equal employment opportunity issues and employment verification.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The acquisition of a business involves a number of legal and tax issues. Consequently, successful acquisitions often involve the assistance of an attorney and a certified public accountant.

Negotiation and Settlement

We have successfully represented clients throughout settlements, mediations, litigation, and arbitration, allowing our clients to move on with their lives and businesses.

Contract Drafting

It is our job to think of the worst possible thing that can happen during a contractual relationship and draft prospectively to minimize the resultant damage from that event, or to avoid the damage altogether.

Constitutional Law

Infringements on constitutional rights can come through something as small as an improper denial of a building permit without a proper hearing to something as large as the government physically taking your property without proper compensation.

Construction Defect Litigation

If you are considering building a home, office, warehouse or agricultural building, if you are having major remodeling done to an existing building, or if you need to engage a contractor to perform repairs after a storm, you should consider consulting with us to ensure that the contract you will execute accurately sets forth the details and requirements that the parties have contemplated.

Civil Litigation

From discovery to jury instructions, and negotiations to the courtroom, we are not strangers to the litigation process. We are equipped to handle anything from a divorce, to a complex business contract dispute, to tax and securities litigation.

Family Transfers

Having a team of skilled advisors help you manage the emotion involved with such a transfer is an important piece of the family transfer puzzle. Whether you’re in the early stages of considering a family transfer or your family transfer negotiations have gone south, we can help.

Family Law

Few things in life are as difficult to deal with as a family law dispute. Whether your matter involves a simple divorce with property division, or deals with child custody, it is entirely normal for it to be an emotionally charged time.

Elder Law

Increasingly today, the financial costs of living into senior years, and the associated healthcare costs drain individuals’ personal financial resources. This draining of resources is forcing the elderly to become dependent upon financial resources such as Long Term Care Insurance and ever increasing financial assistance from government programs to support their wellbeing.

Medicaid Eligibility Planning

You work hard, live within your means, and spend a lifetime saving to accumulate a nest egg. You do not likely anticipate spending that entire sum on the healthcare needs of your last few years, but that is exactly what can happen without proper financial planning.


We will take a strategic approach to customize a unique estate plan tailored to your family's needs to ensure your families financial security by exploring all your options and alternatives.

Real Estate

Making the decision to purchase a home or commercial property is exciting, whether you are a first time home-buyer or an experienced investor. Knowing your rights and obligations as a responsible investor throughout the real estate transaction process is vital.

Business Compliance

Even after you have formed your business you need to ensure that your business is in compliance with a host of State and Federal laws. Call us, we can help.

Criminal Law

If you are, or believe that you’re about to be, facing criminal charges, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel to help you evaluate your rights, your options, and the potential ramifications of those charges.

Business Financing

Financing business operations can be complex and intimidating, but our team can help you whether you are looking at complex, multi-layered financing arrangements for a business expansion project, looking at a standard bank mortgage to acquire new space for your business operations or simply looking to begin the lending relationship with a local bank with an equipment loan or operating line of credit.

Workplace Mediation

Mediation of employment disputes can save significant time and expense. We provide a neutral mediator, trained to discuss employer and employee differences, who provides an informal and confidential way for employers and employees to resolve disputes.